“Orthotics are orthopedic devices designed to treat or adjust various biomechanical foot disorders. They may be simple, commercially made devices, sold over-the-counter in drug stores or other retail establishments. The best orthotics, however, are custom-tailored devices specifically crafted to meet the needs of a particular individual.”

Your Personalized Orthotic Insoles

Custom Orthotic and Orthocork expert licensed technician, Randy Myles, will rebuild your footwear orthopaedically for proper balance and posture. Our custom insoles are hand made on premises and guaranteed to fit.

Randy has over 30 years of experience and now is pleased to be able to provide South Surrey, Crescent Beach and White Rock communities of Vancouver a unique opportunity to have locally,  hand made custom orthotic inserts.


Randy prides himself on performing personalized and exacting work, so in order to ensure that you have enough time to get the perfect fit, an appointment is necessary.


Randy is now available for limited Orthotics, so please contact Randy to make an appointment.

Video: Gait Analysis