What Our Clients Say

Randy has recently moved from Ottawa, Ontario back to the Vancouver/Surrey area. These testimonials are from his time in Ottawa. He has brought the same skills and dedication to his current location.

Incredible Workmanship  

I had some issues with my feet, and was referred to two orthotic companies....When I went to see Randy, i was very impressed with his work, and he showed me how he made the casts for his impressions, and I felt he knew what he was talking about. He made my orthotics in a very short time, and his prices were competitive with others, and my health plan paid for their share, as he is approved for all health plans... Very good work Randy, and thanks for doing such good work for me. My orthotics feel great when I wear them...
Good luck
William Parsons

William Parsons    November 16, 2018  

Thank you so much Randy for your knowledge and workmanship!,
For years I have been looking for someone who actually made orthotics that fixed the problem and allowed me to walk comfortably again after botched bunionectomy and several other so-called corrective measures like removing toes etc.
Randy Myles has been the first craftsman that actually accomplishes this possibility! He has a sense and observation to notice problems I didn't even recognize myself!
I am so happy that he was recommended to me by a happy customer and I was able to have him manufacture a really wonderful orthotic. Thank goodness I didn't go back to some of those other pitiful suppliers that just charge large sums and don't produce results!
Thanks again Randy.
Sonia Bannister
Retiree who's finally comfortable!

Sonia    September 5, 2018  
Happy back and feet!  

My dental practice keeps me on my feet all day long. After 40 years of bending over patients mouths my wife began to notice my poor posture becoming more pronounced. I had started noticing a tingling numbness in my toes as well.
I went to Randy who designed the custom orthotics I needed to improve my bent over posture and reduce the numbness in my feet!
Happy back ….happy feet!
Thanks Randy!

Ed Edwards Registered Denturist    October 1, 2018  

Great craftmanship....Attention to detail
I would highly recommend Randy's services.
The best orthotics I have ever had.
I am ready for another pair Randy

Mitzi    April 8, 2018  

Great work Randy has made orthotics for all my shoes - walking, sports, hiking and skiing and they are comfortable and made my life a lot better for all of the activities I value. Randy has also made orthotics for my family and they all swear by them. Custom orthotics are the best. Thanks Randy for your attention to detail and concern to ensure they fit perfectly.

Peter    September 13, 2018  

Older Testimonials

From Jim Watson Mayor of Ottawa.

J Provencher

I found Randy very helpful. I had to have my right orthotic adjusted after he made it and it was no problem getting it done, and he didn’t even charge. He is always very friendly when I visit and he really does want to help people feel better.

p richichi

I’ve been dealing with Randy for the last 5-7 years. He made me new orthotics two weeks ago which are as comfortable as the last 6 pairs he’s made me. He is a most interesting and pleasant person to deal with. He takes great pride in giving the customer an individual experience. He is very sincere and very customer satisfaction oriented. Being a tradesman myself I admire his ingenuity and skill to build tools and machinery to do the tasks he requires. He is a true craftsman and very skilled at carving and shaping his orthotics. I look forward to seeing him every year

T Cowl

I’ve had chronic knee and back problems for years and tried other orthotics before with little success. I like my original pair so much that I came back for another!


Randy is a friendly and casual guy who pays attention to what his clients need. He made two pairs of custom orthotics for me and they are very good. I don’t have back and leg pain anymore. He made a professional assessment for me: he made a video gait analysis and he explained me in detail what would help me and why it would fix my pain. He also made a hand-carved cast for my feet which is, according to me, better than the technology they use in some other clinics. I went back one time for an adjustment and he took the time to modify my orthotic according to what I needed. He has always booked appointments at my convenience.

Kali Cat

Randy did a fantastic Thai walk-on massage. I have tried many types of massage over the last 10 years, but this was the first one that was powerful enough that I had definite lasting results. Randy has a great way about him – concerned with the entire person – takes the time to explain everything. As a female, I was a little concerned about being alone for my appointment with him, but was put at ease fairly quickly, and in the end had a great experience. I was a bit sore the next day – but I am now able to turn my head in ways I haven’t been able to for years. I recommend a massage for anyone who has back problems that haven’t been solved by the usual massage therapists. I’m definitely planning on going back again!

Shashwat Bhavsar

I was looking for a person who could really take the time to assess my feet, mould casts properly by hand, and most importantly make an orthotic that is durable. I’ve been sick of always replacing those cheap orthotics created from a computer assessment of my feet. The caveat by going the old fashion route is expect to go in multiple times for adjustments. I’ve gone back 5 times now and Randy has always accommodated my picky fine tuning of my orthotics, which are almost perfected now! I can now do long distance runs with no pain the next morning! If you are willing to spend the time to listen to your feet and perfect an orthotic for YOU, Randy is the person to deal with, as long as you are willing to be patient, always make an appointment, and most importantly truly care about your feet. You will receive a great product that will last many years and will be backed by a great person. Thank you Randy.

Ted Lupinski

I had been after my husband for many years to get orthotics. He walks a lot and suffered from back pain. So when I needed a new pair of orthotics, my husband finally agreed to come with me. The gait analysis done by Randy really impressed both of us. Thrilled to report that my husband’s back pain has totally disappeared! Randy’s workmanship is marvelous. He is a master craftsman!

Luc Savard

I’m very happy with the pairs of orthotics Randy made for me. He is really nice and very knowledgeable. At first I wasn’t quite sure what to expect because Randy seems a bit strange at first. He is very much into spirituality and is somewhat of health guru. I highly recommend you have your pair of orthotics done by him. I should also mentioned that his massages are well worth it.

Claire BL

As a medical student, I recognize great patient care when I see it. Randy addressed all of my concerns with patience and expertise, and I am very happy with his handcrafted orthotics. Thank you for your outstanding work!

Robert Berman

Randy, the owner and orthotics craftsman, takes immense pride in his hand made products. Expect your feet to feel better than you ever imagined, as Randy takes the time to ensure each product is adjusted perfectly. In addition to orthotics for my walking shoes and runners, Randy custom designed an incredibly comfortable set for my suede sandals. Take added pleasure in knowing that your money is going to a truly phenomenal human being, who seems to never tire of healing spirits as well as sore feet.

Ad B

great so far – noticeable benefits standing/walking, and handmade nature of the orthotics seems to be a big plus.

Hilary Williamson

It was a pleasure to deal with Mr. Myles – he’s quite a character and he knows his stuff. The custom orthotics he made for me were immediately comfortable for casual use, but needed adjustments for long hikes. He made changes twice to get them right, with no extra charge, and offered to continue to do more at any time if needed.

justin bejjani

I am a student and I do a lot of walking. Randy has crafted my miracle orthotics. His craftsmanship is too perfection! Thanks Randy for making my feet happy! Justin

Doris Haddad

I used to have orthotics made at his competitor’s, however I switched to Randy as I found his service to be very attentive to individual issues of your feet which can affect your knees , your hips , your back etc. Therefore, the orthotics Randy designs and builds are completely custom made. No machines used . Custom made castings of your foot/feet impressions are also made with solid orthotics materials used. I have been purchasing orthotics from Randy every year for over 10 years now. He truly is a hard worker and attentive to your needs. Best of all Randy’s work is very impressive!

Adam Jacobs

I have uneven hips/legs so I needed a simple heel lift to even out the difference. Life saver for my back pain and I would not go anywhere else. Randy is also super friendly!

Peter Atkinson

The commitment to getting a solution to pain and discomfort makes this place exceptional. Randy’s a real character – he’ll tell you that himself – and he seems to feel a moral commitment to making sure that the orthotics that he produces really and truly work. He doesn’t work on a clock; this is like a higher calling to him, and he takes the time to do it right. Randy uses a balance of technology and years of expertise to craft orthotics that really bring relief.

Lydia Chandrasekaran

Randy is such a wonderful person. Firstly, my chronic pain has completely disappeared thanks to his custom orthotics, and secondly because he is deliciously eccentric. If you think you need orthotics, you NEED to see Randy.

Stephane Tasse

Randy is committed to his product and his clients, and I feel comfortable returning at any moment if there is any trouble with the orthopedic insoles he designed and crafted for me in the future – and with these insoles, there actually will be a future – they are built to last! You can feel the additional support when standing and walking right away.

Ross L.B. Laugher

Randy made the best orthotics I have ever owned.

Martine Mitton

I have had issues with my feet and lower back for many years and have tried various quick solution orthotics from digital means and really, they were not effective at all or if so, for a very short period of time. I have been blessed with Randy’s expertise – he is a true expert that understands every detail of the human foot and how to develop a shoe or orthotic that will help it and help eliminate discomfort. Randy produced outstanding pairs of customized orthotics that have completely taken care of my lower back and feet issues – finally, after being given quick fixes elsewhere over the last two decades. In fact, I don’t dare get them anywhere else – I have realized how important it is when you have someone trained and experienced but also attentive to detail when creating orthotics. In addition, it is nice to be treated by someone who is kind and truly passionate about his art. Thank you Randy 🙂

Monty Woodyard

Randy is the best foot care specialist in town. Randy has been caring for my feet for years, and I walk taller with more comfort because of his excellent orthotics. My first wife introduced me to Randy’s services almost 20 years ago, when she went to him for orthotics and was greatly impressed with the results. I used Randy’s orthotics in my office shoes until I retired in 2012. I use them in my various shoes for fitness classes, doing Tai Chi, gardening, bicycling, and hiking. In 2014, my first wife died. I remarried in 2015 and brought my new wife to have Randy fit her out for comfort in orthotics. Now, she is delighted with the support and stability of active walking and exercising with new orthotics in her shoes. Randy is gifted with perception, intuition and a skilled craftsman’s hand. He sees what I need and translates that vision into hand carved products that meet needs that I didn’t know that I had.

Laurinda Cheng

My experience with Randy was great. I had really sore feet just from walking around town. The orthotics Randy made me have been amazing. He took the time to explain what may be causing the soreness and made me two pairs of orthotics that I can slip into my shoes. He took the time to adjust both sets of orthotics until I felt comfortable with them and I never felt rushed at all during the process. I would recommend him to anybody!

D War

I was skeptical but this guy’s custom orthotics work has changed my life and eliminated 95% of my back pain I had while working (i work standing). Keep up the good work!

André Juneau

Randy’s orthotic work was very client-friendly and very creative. He paid a lot more attention to my specific needs than other clinics. I look forward to wearing my new orthotics (two pairs) and to try the tricks he taught me.

Andrew Thomas

Randy just finished hand-crafting the BEST pair of orthotics I have ever owned. As an orthotic customer for over 25 years, I wish I had discovered him sooner. Randy is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced foot care professional and a highly skilled craftsman who will keep you entertained every step of the way with his stories and friendly disposition. Everything from the initial gait analysis to the fitting / fine tuning was a pleasure. He never rushes his clients and your orthotics are completed on time and for the most fair price in the city.

Cecilia Di Felice

I have had problems with my knees and shins for years now. After doing some research, and chatting with my doctor, I went to Randy to have my feet assessed. Wow, what a thorough examination. I now have two pairs of custom insoles and have never had such a perky walk. After only one week, I feel painless and comfortable when I am up on my feet all day. Amazing. I scrolled through the other reviews and I agree with everyone else. Great job Randy. Go and see for yourself.

Sue Melo